About Us


About Us

United Industrial Group has a traceable history for over 50 years. With over 3 generations that have shaped the field of industry since 1965, the company's history is more than just tales passed from one’s grandfather, they are a matter of all the industry field.

- We're a leading company for feeding industries for sheet metal components in the field of home appliances, automotive, air conditions, and electrical components of electrical cabinets.

- Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction in all stages of the product lifecycle, and to fulfill this we apply the process approach to better control our processes and maximize their outcome, we abide by all the legal and statutory requirements related to our industry.

- We've deep experience in supplying complete projects & finished end products using the latest manufacturing technologies.

- We've knowledge and capabilities for sheet metal components development, design, and die making for such components also We manufacture spare parts for machines, molds, and dies Using reverse engineering.

- United Industrial Group is committed to the principles and practices of excellence and shall conform to the requirements of the Quality Management System Standards (QMS), Environmental Management Standards (EMS), and Occupational Health & Safety Management System Standards (OHSMS).

- Work to increase our customer satisfaction through the achievement of their requirements and expectations.
- Raise the skill of working groups reduce the cost of production, and reduce turnover.
Aimed to provide a pioneering model ahead of our competitors in the metal industries, automotive feeding, forming, and machining of metals.

Our Offices

Block num 126 in Arab Engineers Association - gate 12 - infront of Abaza co. for trailers - Cairo Belbeis Desert Rd

First Industrial Zone - Part No. A5 Block 13036 – El Obour City – Egypt

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